750mL of Love

We love beer, but we love sharing our beer even more. So much, in fact, that we have eight different ways to package it and bring it to your face. I’ll let you count them off on your own time. Undoubtedly, the most labor intensive of those eight are our 750mL bottle conditioned beers, which come in the champagne and Belgian style bottles. The carbonation found in these beers comes from a specific mix of yeast and sugar that we add directly to the beer right before packaging on a unique 750 line. Which means each and every 750 bottle becomes a tiny fermentation vessel. After some maturation at the brewery, they are ready to leave the nest and explore the wonders of the modern world. Some will go off to college and become increasingly cynical of the world around them. Others still, might meet the bottle of their dreams and start a little glass family. However, most will have their heads unceremoniously popped off and their tasty innards ingested by someone just like you. You sicken me. Cheers! (- A Quality Guy)

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