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“Sustainability is a part of Odell Brewing Company’s culture & values. As we grow & improve, we consider sustainability in every activity we undertake, not as our only priority, but as one to be balanced with other priorities, such as functionality, safety, aesthetics and cost. From large investments in energy generation to the small, everyday recycling & composting actions of each co-worker, we work to minimize our impact on our community.”
- Wynne Odell

Sustainability Philosophy:

Sustainability is a part of the Odell culture.  We invest in it not for marketing or public relations purposes, but because we believe that we are responsible for our community and responsive to its needs.  Our community includes our co-workers, customers, vendors and areas in which we distribute our beer.  While payback is considered on all investments we make, we place a higher value on what we’re accomplishing for the environment, allowing us to make investments in sustainability that don’t necessarily make sense from a financial perspective.

We use alternative Energy

  • Photovoltaic array – 384 General Electric crystalline silicon 200-watt panels on 11,000 square feet of rooftop, nameplate capacity of 76.8 kilowatts anticipated to produce around 111,400 kilowatt hours annually, which represents around 25 percent of overall demand
  • Wind power – provides remainder of electrical need via a surcharge on our electricity use to fund the development of wind power, 100% since 2001, 50% since 1996
  • Biodiesel delivery trucks – 3 out of 4 trucks yields 200% more energy than is required to produce it

We reduce our energy use

  • Hot Shot Box – turns off glycol chilling system when city hits peak electric demand
  • Smart A/C system in offices – self balances zones, turns of
  • Outside air cooling in cooler – compressors shut down when outside temperature drops below 42 degrees
  • Awnings installed that let light in, but block direct sun
  • Big Ass Fans installed in the production area.  These fans create air movement that cools through sweat evaporation in the summer, so we don’t have A/C.  The fans also move hot air down from the ceiling to the floor in winter.
  • Significant use of daylighting,  solar tubes and compact T5 and T8 fluorescents
  • Significant use of motion detectors  and light sensors that turn off unused lights


We use recycled materials

  • Cardboard packaging-100% for 6-pack holder and case box material
  • Glass bottles-  70% post-consumer content, local supplier–Owens Illinois in Windsor
  • Plastic stretch wrap -for wrapping pallets
  • Paper towels, toilet and printer paper
  • Office carpets and partitions

We recycle and compost

  • Recycle 98% of our solid waste
  • cardboard/paperboard/office paper
  • glass/metal/plastic/aluminum
  • plastic chemical barrels
  • plastic stretch wrap, poly bands and malt/hop bags
  • hazardous waste, including electronics, paint, batteries and cfc bulbs
  • construction metal
  • spent grain, yeast, waste beer, organic matter used by cattle and dairy farmers
  • Composting : collect all food and paper towel waste in every bathroom and kitchen

Check out some of our Green Partners: ClimateWise · Green Drinks · Trees Water People · Wirsol Solar
Sustainable Living Association · Northern Colorado Renewable Energy Society

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