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“Sustainability is a part of Odell Brewing Company’s culture & values. As we grow & improve, we consider sustainability in every activity we undertake, not as our only priority, but as one to be balanced with other priorities, such as functionality, safety, aesthetics and cost. From large investments in energy generation to the small, everyday recycling & composting actions of each co-worker, we work to minimize our impact on our community.”
– Wynne Odell

Sustainability Philosophy:

Sustainability is a part of the Odell culture.  We invest in it not for marketing or public relations purposes, but because we believe that we are responsible for our community and responsive to its needs.  Our community includes our co-workers, customers, vendors and areas in which we distribute our beer.  While payback is considered on all investments we make, we place a higher value on what we’re accomplishing for the environment, allowing us to make investments in sustainability that don’t necessarily make sense from a financial perspective.

  • Areas of Sustainability
    • Energy efficiency
      • Hot liquor tank- steam is recaptured from the brew process which helps heat the external heat exchanger which allows on-demand heating
      • Storage coolers use outside air cooling which shuts down refrigeration when outside temperature drops below 42* and brings in outside air
      • Solar tubes and polycarbonate skylights utilize natural light
    • Water conservation
      • Bottle line vacuum pump re-designed to a closed loop system which allows 3 uses for water before returning to city
      • Installation of centrifuge for filtration which uses much less water than traditional plate (diatomaceous earth) filtration
    • Resource management
      • Work with Waste Not to recycle everything possible: plastics, wood, metals, rubbers, Styrofoam, paper
      • Purchase as many post-consumer content products as possible- merchandise for sale in tap room, cardboard and glass bottles for packaging, paper products

Doug and PV's

  • Achievements, quantifiable reductions, improvements
    • Solar panels, installed in 2009- 76.8 kW system makes up 14-15% of total electricity used
    • Zero landfill by end of 2014 (started 2012) currently at 96%
    • Bottle line vacuum pump re-design in 2012 helped reduce water use by 13% from 2011-2012 (4.3 to 3.7 barrels water/barrels beer produced)
    • In-line carbonator installed in 2013- 15% reduction in CO2 from 2012-2013 (7.8 to 6.6 lbs CO2/barrels beer produced)
    • New 135 barrel brew system installed in 2014 uses less raw materials than old 50 barrel system
      • 10% less hops, 5% less grain per brew


  • How do programs reflect values
    • Contribution to community, including operating sustainably, is one of our core company values. As a manufacturing company, we have a great opportunity to improve our sustainability through modifying our production processes. Our first goal is not a return on investment but a more efficient process including reduction of all energy and material inputs.
    • Our sustainability committee brings together co-workers from throughout the brewery to discuss ideas and implement projects and share this knowledge with our co-workers
    • Our Plant and Sustainability Manager devotes 10% of his time to sustainability and also chairs our sustainability committee
      • We plan to hire a full-time Sustainability Coordinator to work with our Manager in 2014
    • Recycling/compost bins/ diversion stations are located all around the brewery in production areas, office spaces, and public spaces
    • All spent grain, hops and yeast feed local dairy cows
    • Currently working with City of Fort Collins Wastewater Treatment plant to see if spent yeast and hops can be used to treat municipality water without using chemicals
  • Environmental awardsIMG_3588
    • Fort Collins Downtown Development Authority Green Build grant
    • Fort Collins Chamber Small Business Sustainability Awards in 2009 and 2013
  • Environmental program participation
    • City of Fort Collins ClimateWise Gold Member since 2000
    • Northern Colorado Renewable Energy Society- host monthly meetings in tap room
    • Created the Northern Colorado Craft Breweries Water Group and worked with the Colorado Water Trust on a project to remove the Josh Ames Diversion Dam from the Poudre River, restoring it to a more natural state and re-creating historic wetlands
    • Fort ZED
    • Partners with Rocky Mountain Sustainable Living Association
    • Have electrical vehicle charging station for public use

Check out some of our Green Partners: ClimateWise · Green Drinks · Trees Water People · Wirsol Solar
Sustainable Living Association · Northern Colorado Renewable Energy Society

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