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Barrel Aging


Program in a Barrel

In an ongoing effort to flex our collective creative craniums, we often venture into the world of wood. It helps to see the forest for the trees. And what are trees, but barrels waiting to be transformed by a cooper and filled by brewers. Our barrel program began as an after hours project, and has since found its way into full scale production. We even have our very own barrel room stuffed to the rafters with large scale production beers such as Friek, FootPrint, and our venerable virgin oak Woodcut Series, all the way down to single barrel one-offs such as Imperial Porter aged in a Leopold Bros. Fernet barrel. Even if you’re not a fan of beer, odds are good that after a trip to the barrel room you will be singing a different tune. Or at least humming.

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We've got approximately 1000 feet of hose in the brewery...that's just over 3 football fields!X