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Cellar Series

GABF Week – 2013

Next week the masses will descend on Denver for the Great American Beer Festival, and we have events all week long to celebrate! Where will …

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Beer Cheese Dip

Here’s a great recipe from our Tap Room coworker, Jordan. He used a bottle of Bourbon Barrel Stout from his cellar, but any dark & …

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Celastrina Butterfly in the Black Canyon!?

My husband Chris and I were trying to think of an off the beaten path spot for our 4th of July getaway. We recently bought …

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Peachy Keen!

The Western Slope of Colorado is the source of many a bountiful harvest. The unique geography and soil provide for the perfect fruit growing seasons. …

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Finally, Amuste is born!

After spending so much time working on the beer, it’s a bit overwhelming to hold this bottle in my hand. Hear me out on this, …

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Friek Brine Smoked Turkey

1                 Turkey 1                 750 mL  Friek from Odell Brewing 4                 Tablespoons of Sea Salt or Kosher Salt …

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The Tap Room team goes to Breckenridge

A couple of weeks ago, our fearless Tap Room team celebrated their efforts with a mountain retreat. While there, they had one Ah-Mazing Beer Dinner. …

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A New Hope (or “The streets will run red with the juice of our grapes”)

They say it takes a lot of good beer to make great wine. After two years of research and development, I can honestly say that …

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Melding the Meddler

Seen as a just another arrow in the cure all quiver for bad brewing practices, blending has gotten a bad rap. This is most unfortunate, …

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Pond Hopping

Our collaboration efforts with Thornbridge Brewery of Bakewell, UK began with a visit to their brewery by Doug in 2008. He was intrigued by what …

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Ah the beloved shift beer, one of the many perks of working at a brewery!X