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Classic Beers

Fall-Winter Montage Variety Pack

We love fall around the brewery. The leaves start to turn gold, the morning air is crisp, the sun still shines bright and we have new …

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IPA Sriracha Sausage Sliders

Our IPA is a favorite around the brewery. Refreshing, balanced and good with any meal. One of our recent favorite recipes is Sausage Sliders with IPA …

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Game Day 90 Shilling Cupcakes

Football season is among us! At Odell Brewing Co., we celebrate one of our favorite sports with one of our favorite beers. This year, we …

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Loose Leaf Banana Bread

Technically, beer is bread, which makes it the perfect addition to most any loaf! Ingredients: 2 c. sugar 1 c. butter softened 4 mashed, ripe …

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Loose Leaf – a label is born

This week we released our first new year round six pack in almost eight years! Loose Leaf American Session Ale is a light and crisp, …

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GABF Week – 2013

Next week the masses will descend on Denver for the Great American Beer Festival, and we have events all week long to celebrate! Where will …

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Hot Diggity Dog!

Summertime cook-outs just wouldn’t be complete without hot dogs. Here’s a few of our favorite beer and dog combos! All American Dog and 90 Shilling …

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