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Odell Outreach 2013 Review

As 2103 comes to a close, here’s a little recap of our charitable efforts! Charity of the Month program: Our charitable committee selects 2 great …

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Please Excuse our Mess!

We’re growing, and that’s a good thing! Please excuse our construction mess as we work on our new cellar, brewhouse, and additional tap room space. …

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Zero Landfill or Bust

Odell Brewing is on a mission to operate as a zero landfill company by the year 2014. Have you noticed the classy looking diversion stations in …

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The Farmer and Odell

If you’ve been to the brewery, chances are you’ve seen the old beat-up Chevy that hauls away our spent grain. That truck belongs to our …

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Hi ho, Hi ho, It's off to work we go! Each year we spend a workday with a local non-profit helping them with, well, whatever needs to be done. X