Making Footprints

We’ve always worked to source local ingredients when possible, and a while back we had this crazy idea. What if we made a beer that featured local ingredients from all of the states that we sell our beer in? Challenge accepted! So we started making some lists, and jotting down ideas. We started Googling the agricultural sites for all of these states, and finally, we comprised a list of regional options and some potential recipes.

Distribution-Map-Current-2011This was no simple task; our distributor footprint (which looks something like this)
has a lot of states that grow a lot of grain. But our skillful brewers kept at it, and eventually they drafted their crafty plan. We would brew several small batches on our five barrel Pilot Brewing System, and we’d use the various ingredients sourced from each state. We’d invite our friends to come brew with us, and then we’d blend all the various brews together with one larger brew. IT would be collaboratively delicious! (READ MORE)

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