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Saboteur: Brett Barrel Brown Ale

Odell Brewing Co. Saboteur Brett Barrel Brown Ale is like no other brettanomyces beer, it’s warming alcohol, smooth oak, roasted caramel malts, and refreshing pineapple nose are simply “Good.”

Good That s pretty much what this beer is. Oh, define it? Hm… well that’s tough because the Brits had all the resources to make this beer, that is if they would have only been willing to embrace the “crazy” Belgian techniques of the day when Big Brown Ales were substituted for meals by the Queen’s people. Instead, we as American Craft Brewers here in Northern Colorado, now get the chance to brew a style defying beer that embraces both our English brewing heritage as well as our Belgian-esque creativity…because, after-all, we can only brew “English-Style” beers for so long before we turn our back on tradition. As for the beer…well, it fills your nose with a bright fresh pineapple character and light peppery notes contributed from the brettanomyces yeast we add to both the fermentor and American Oak Barrels. Over time this pineapple character will continue to grow and evolve, providing a slightly dryer finished product and a more complex dried fruit character. The malt contributes rich caramel and toffee flavors with a soft warming alcohol character that exists harmoniously with the pineapple. Saboteur benefits from our Brewers’ careful selection of oak barrels with which we age a percentage of Saboteur before carefully blending the proper amount of barrel-aged beer back to provide a soft, vanilla mouthfeel which complements the slightly bitter roasted caramel malts. Add raisin, toffee and a slightly sour finish and you have defined “Good.” After buying a bottle of this beer, stop by your local butcher for a 1/2 pound of Buffalo Corned Beef and then by your local baker for a loaf of Marbled Rye, return home and enjoy a glass of Saboteur with a Reuben on your back patio as the evening draws to a close and the spring sun sets over the foothills.

ABV: 10.0 %
IBU: Doesn’t really matter because it is slightly soured


  1. I had the good fortune a couple of months ago to drink and review one of these babies, and listening to Doug talk about on Craft Beer Radio got me thinking about it again. It’s difficult to pin down the fruit flavors with this beer (I don’t get any pineapple for example), but it’s fun to try, and it’s very different from any other Brett beer I’ve tasted. (My full take on it is at Keep experimenting, guys. Sour beers are the next frontier…

  2. Derek Maness says:

    I’m having one now. It’s my 4th in 2 weeks, and I’m in love. This is the first beer that I’ve had that hits so many seemingly incongruent notes and makes them work together. It’s alchemy.

    I’m no beer expert by any stretch of the imagination, and have only recently recovered my palate from years of cigarettes. But this beer just slays me. It’s the first time I’ve ever been so taken by the complexity of different flavors in one drink. It may very well be the brew that turns me into a beer snob and gets me really looking for the subtleties in everything else. I’ve been a Cutthroat fan for years, but this might be my new fave.

    Please hire me. I know there’s a 1000 year waiting list, but I’ll never be able to afford this new addiction without some kind of employee perk.

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