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Thank You Minnesota!

What a week this past week was! As a crew from Odell Brewing Co. spent the past Monday through Saturday rolling out Odell beers to the Twin Cities you greeted us with empty pint glasses ready to be filled. 12 Odell co-workers hosted over 30 events during those 6 days, we tapped 7 extremely limited release firkins, and hosted 1 amazing beer dinner. The amount of people who followed us throughout the week via Twitter makes recapping each event a bit redundant, however, I do want to reflect on a few moments that stood out during the week and provide you with a few photos, because a picture is worth a million words and its a lot easier to look at “a million words” then to read them. For a snapshot of the our MN release party read on…Monday, May 3rd marked the first official tapping of an Odell 90 Shilling Keg in the Twin Cities at Sweeney’s in Saint Paul. Bag Pipes accompanied the folks from Odell and Original Gravity, our MN distributer, as they poured the first pint of 90 Shilling to a packed bar. Monday night also marked the first Odell firkin tapping of the week at Stub and Herbs in Minneapolis. The reception of the firkin was phenomenal, and we thank all those for the kind words on your blogs and social networking sites regarding this very limited creation. Around the corner from Sweeney’s also marked the introduction of our now infamous Friek to the Twin Cities market as a 1-time 10 gallon firkin that our brewers blended for the occasion.

Tuesday, we were off to work pouring samples throughout the Twin Cities at craft focused bars and liquor stores. We were all impressed by the knowledge the Twin Cities community has regarding hand crafted beer. Our friends at Four Firkins packed their great little store during our sampling event and had people standing shoulder to shoulder as we poured samples. Tuesday night was also the night of the Muddy Pig’s Odell Beer Dinner. A delicious chicken breast with a Mango Pico paired nicely with our 90 Shilling. I was more then impressed by the dinner and delighted that each person got an extra tasting of the firkin that was being hand pulled that night.

Wednesday, after spending the day pouring samples and talking shop at various liquor stores throughout the Twin Cities we headed on the Cinc-Odell-Mayo pub crawl around some of Saint Paul’s finest craft beer focused bars. There were people from Odell at every stop talking with craft beer travelers about Odell.

Thursday, we had the pleasure of stopping by to visit the folks at Surly Brewing company. It was great checking out their brewery and seeing how they make the great beer that they do. If anyone followed their Twitter that day, don’t worry the car was found. Thursday night was spent at Longfellow Grill on the patio braving the not so hot weather and pouring pints by the river.

Friday…Friday…Friday! What a firkin day Friday was. Grumpy’s in downtown tapped a firkin for firkin lunch, Grumpy’s Nordeast tapped a firkin a few hours later, accompanied by the 2009 Hotdish revolution winner, “Reuben Hotdish.” The Beer was tasty, the crowd was happy, and the hotdish was out of this world. A group followed us down to Mac’s Industrial for more Odell pints before closing down the night at Pracna.

Saturday, we readied ourselves for the final firkin tapping of the week at Groveland Tap by first enjoying kegs and eggs at the 3 square establishments. As the Cask Imperial Stout flowed at Groveland Tap we met a professor named Jay who had been making beer runs to South Dakota to get his Odell fix, and to say he was happy to see Odell in MN is an understatement. Jay thanks for your support, hopefully your local liquor store will be a shorter drive. We also met up with Shawn of the Beer Genome Project. I think he may have attended the most events during the week, but giving him that title dismisses far to many people who attended so many events that there is simply no way we could say that, instead we will say thanks to all of you who came out for the events!

We can’t thank all of you enough for the incredible release week. All of you who came out to each sampling, firkin tapping or just to hang out at the bar and talk craft beer with us made the week! We also want to thank the boys at Original Gravity, Paul Jr., Hanzee, Corey, Wolfee and all the others who helped keep us on track and helped keep our beer in stock as we crawled around the Twin Cities pubs.

To all of you fine folks in the Twin Cities…Cheers!


  1. It was wonderful to be able to have both a 90 Schilling and St. Lupulin from the tap at the Happy Gnome last night. Thank you!

  2. Brandon says:

    Please come to Rochester!! We are about 80 miles south of the Twin Cities, and we have a few nice pub-type establishments here that I would love to see your beer in. You should check out Whistle Binkie’s in Rochester, MN. They have the best selection in a town of 100,000 and your beers would be a welcome addition!!

    All the best with your continued growth!

  3. when are you coming to chicago?? i was in omaha for business and found it at the hotel where i was staying. travel the midwest so i guess i will be searching for it in MN. fantastic beer and wish you all the best of success! i will make it to the brewery one day as i have friends in denver.

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